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Energy Healing

"Set aside who you are supposed to be and become who you really are...."


What is energy healing?

Energy healing is the practice of working with the field of energy in and around the body.  Our experiences and beliefs can effect the energy around the body.  Positive experiences can be healing and negative experiences can cause stagnant blocked energy  which can in turn lead to discomfort, disease and imbalance.  Energy healing clears, charges and balances the energy field to help one feel better and improve clarity and vitality.  Energy healing can compliment traditional medicine, help reduce pain, promote self-acceptance and personal power, and help connect us to our unique core qualities. 

Our belief about healing is that we truly heal ourselves and  an energy healer can assist you in your healing process by balancing your energy system and removing energetic blocks that may lead to disease and to enhance the body’s natural healing capability.