November 23, 2019 Boundaries and Sacred Space

Join us for a class exploring our energetic boundaries and the sacred space within us.  We will explore how these boundaries influence our lives and relationships along with meditations to create and maintain healthy boundaries.

Time: 10:00am-12:00pm

Where:  634 7th Ave, Kirkland, WA

Cost: Donation


 Exploring How to Work with Your Energy Field in Changing Times

Join us for a class on continuing to work with your energy field, explore what happens to our field when you are in defense and look at ways to manage it with healing responses  We will also spend time accessing your own true self that can be hidden under your defenses. 

When: May 7, 2019

Where: Kirkland, WA

Cost: Donation

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 Bringing Your Best Self to Life!

Join us for a class on Charging and Clearing Your Own Energy Field to Live Life with Your Whole Self!

When: TBD

Where: 634 Center for Health/ 634 7th Ave Kirkland WA

This class will help you track and charge your own energy field. We will explore reading our own energy field and helping to shift our energy by learning some fun and easy ways to bring our best selves to every day.

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