• Annie Griff

Taking Care of Your Energy Body

Self-care- we hear this all the time but what does this really mean? Honestly, I can remember a time when I wasn’t taking good care of myself and I would hear the words “self-care” and literally roll my eyes. “Who has time for that?” I would think. Now, my belief is “who doesn’t have time?” Nothing is more important than starting our day and making sure we are in alignment with who we are, our best selves, and bring that into our day. And also taking few moments here and there throughout our day and checking in with yourself. Seeing and acknowledging what you need and letting yourself have that. You are worth it and that is what self-care is!!

How do we accomplish this?

It takes some planning and a little discipline but after a short time it becomes a habit and the benefits to your mental and physical well-being and happiness are immeasurable.

To start, I recommend taking 15 minutes early in the morning just after rising to meditate. This doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just make it easy. Find a quiet comfortable spot. Set a timer and close your eyes and breath, nothing to do, just allow. Let your thoughts come and go don’t judge them just focus on your breath in and out. That’s it! I actually really struggled with this when I first started to meditate. My monkey mind was so demanding that I couldn’t focus on my breath. So I started a different way. I started by laying down and listening to a meditation recording. It doesn’t matter how you do it. There are no rules, it’s your show, your life. Start one way and if it’s not working, try the next thing that comes to mind. Start to listen to your inner guidance that will show you the way. If you don’t have any ideas, try what I mentioned above or follow a guided meditation. It’s all good, just start a habit and do this every day. After some time, you won’t want to miss it. After mediation you may want to write down any insights and then I recommend a few energy exercises to charge your field. I have various ones that I do but one of the easiest and quickest is the 4 Thumps recommended by Donna Eden. These exercises work on the energy meridians in the body and help to remove blocks. These are the same meridians used by acupuncturists and those who do tapping. So the first step is to work on K 27 points. These are located at the indentations just below your collar bone near your sternum. Use your middle finger and press or rub these spots for 30-60 seconds. Next, tap your sternum in the middle of your chest with the middle finger of your right hand 30 seconds or so, tap ribs on the side below armpits and tap cheeks below your eyes all for 30 seconds You are ready to face your day!

Now I would recommend including in your day whatever makes you feel good. Is it a walk, exercise yoga, certain healthy meals, meet up with a friend? Plan your day to include anything that shows how much you love and respect your body. Check in periodically putting your hand on your abdomen, and ask yourself “what do I need right now?” and give that to yourself. Also consider writing down anything that comes up for you. Make self-care habit, something you do to honor yourself throughout the day. This will in turn help to keep your energy body clear and charged and in turn give you more clarity in all areas of your life and keep you feeling good.

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