I have had the wonderful opportunity to receive healings from Annie for the past 3 or 4 years. Being in Annie's presence is healing all by itself, she is so warm and radiant it is not possible not being affected by her light. Having a distance healing is not different, I can feel her presence at a distance, she calms me down and helps my energy flow no matter how far away we are. Her care is felt when she explains on our Skype sessions what she does. In these times when emotions can raise so high so quickly having her working on my energy field is so helpful. Thank you Annie for everything you do!


Annie has a kind and gentle touch that always leaves me feeling relaxed and energetically healed.

She  sees where you are out of balance, performs her energy work and then  provides insightful advice on how to promote your own balance and healing.  Sessions with Annie are magical- I always leave with a sense of well-being and more knowledge on how to remain healthy and whole. Thanks for your gift of healing Annie !


Annie is kind and wise and it is amazing to me that she can read my energy and make observations that validate how I'm feeling. After each session I feel lighter and content and I feel like my sense of purpose has been restored. Annie gives great practical suggestions on how to deal with the issues we discuss. I still use the advice she gave me from our first sessions a few years ago. Thank you Annie!